Friday, June 24, 2005


I have created this web blog in the hope that it will provide a means whereby the information learned, the struggles encountered, the successes, and the failures of patients and caregivers of individuals diagnosed with T-PLL can be posted. Since this disease is so rapid and there are so few who get to join this exclusive club, at any given time there are not many who are knowlegable and able to discuss this disease with a new patient. I hope this blog can help those who are entering on this journey. May God bless you.

Without prejudice to the truly remarkable physicians who are out there, I think it is probably correct to observe that most oncologists have never seen a case of T-PLL, and they do not have the time or motivation to spend researching it that you do. Therefore, you have a vested interest in learning as much as possible. I hope this blog can facilitate that. If you have links you'd like to see here, please email them to me. If you would like to write a journal and see a link to it here, I can help with that as well.